Offspring of Procyon x Sirius

     Like most Malamutes, Chagall enjoys a good digging session - especially if it is muddy!      Chagall doing her balancing act trick with a treat on her nose - a favorite at the nursing home!        Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Chagall was born on WinterStar Farm April 15, 2005 and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Her owner Cindy says "Her excellent pedigree is evident in her striking good looks and acute intelligence.  Raised as a pet rather than a show dog, Chagall has demonstrated time and again she is much more than an average dog."
After attending training and obedience classes, Chagall began volunteering as a therapy dog at a Minneapolis nursing home.  Working with Alzheimer´┐Żs patients, she has entertained countless patients and staff with her numerous tricks.  She exhibits excellent bedside manner in her gentle expressions of love to the patients of this facility and in return she is loved by all.
Chagall has received a certain amount of notoriety for her volunteer efforts.  In August 2008 she was written up by the Minneapolis Star Tribune for  helping to teach firefighters and other first responders the proper techniques for rescuing animals during emergency situations such as a home fire, flood or tornado.
In addition to her volunteer efforts, Chagall has been a constant companion and friend to her owner.  Cindy says "Chagall is an excellent work out partner; she serves as the chief motivator to make me take daily  walks, bike rides and go on cross country skiing adventures with her!"  Cindy and Chagall enjoy ski-joring together and they have visited WinterStar Farm for dogsledding as well. 

We at WinterStar Farm are very proud of Cindy and Chagall's many accomplishments and eagerly await news and updates from this dynamic duo!

         Gorgeous Summit      Summit the puppy enjoying the flurries!
               Summit, one water loving dog!         Summit in a striking pose - yeah he knows it!

       Summit (right) with his buddy Sasha say HEY - Can we get some treats down here?          Summit says the water looks a little cold yet

Summit was born on WinterStar Farm October 22, 2003 and now lives in Lakeville, Minnesota with his people Dan and Jess, Malamute buddy Sasha, and feline buddy Patty. 

Dan and Jess say "Summit enjoys the life of a spoiled house dog.  He is extremely intelligent, and has used this intelligence to train his Mom & Dad well over the years!  Summit loves to swim at the family cabin, go hiking, backpacking, ride in the car, and chase his buddy Sasha in the backyard.  Summit loves children; thus his favorite holiday is Halloween.  He is also quite fond of the drive thru at McDonalds!  Summit has certainly earned his nickname of "Stomach." 

In his eight years of life he has remained extremely healthy, thanks in large part to his wonderful breeding.  Summit's temperament is spectacular; he is very mellow and allows anything you wish to do to him. 
He is a very sensitive boy, with a kind and gentle soul.  Additionally, his goofy nature provides constant entertainment to his people!  He is eager to learn and likes to please (especially when treats are involved). 

Summit even saved Sasha's life, by detecting her cancer early enough to receive successful treatment.  Our lives would not be as rich without our handsome man!"

We thank Dan and Jess for these great stories about Stomach, er, we mean Summit!  In case you were wondering how Summit saved Sasha's life, one day Dan noticed Summit sniffing
repeatedly at Sasha's mouth.  Curious about why he was doing this, Dan looked closely at Sasha's mouth and saw an reddened area in the back.  Dan and Jess took Sasha to their veterinarian and learned she had a cancerous tumor which was caught in the early stages thanks to Summit!  Sasha has had two surgeries for her cancer since then, and has enjoyed five more years - and counting - of good times with Summit and her family!  Way to go, Dr. Summit!

Sal smiles for the camera!      Hopeful Sal!      Sal shows off her terrific coat!

Owned and loved by Jim and Lynda in Stillwater, Minnesota, Sal enjoys a life of loving them and being loved back!  Sal is a sable female, and was born on WinterStar Farm April 15, 2005.  Lynda says "Sal is doing great!"  Our thanks to Lynda and Jim for keeping in touch and sending these photos!

"Lyra" and "Bree"
Suzanne with puppy Bree (left) and Lyra at the lake      Bree at 7 months old playing in the leaf pile!

 Bree the mud puppy!      Lyra says Don't take my picture - my face is all muddy!  I feel so GUILTY, I didn't mean to do it!

Lyra and Bree enjoy their rawhide chews in a snowstorm!      CAUTION - Malamutes at play!

Lyra and Bree relaxing in the backyard      Mom, can we come in yet?  The living room needs some snow and we can bring it in!

Both Lyra and Bree are owned by Suzanne and live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Lyra and Bree are full sisters, but were born in different litters.  Lyra is the older sister, born on WinterStar Farm October 22, 2003.  Bree was born April 15, 2005.  Suzanne was so happy with Lyra, she came back to get another puppy from us!  Lyra and Bree live close to their sister Chagall, and all of them love to get together for playtime.  Our thanks to Suzanne for sending all of these fantastic photos of her girls!

Offspring of Charger x Aurie

"Kosmo" - Winterstarz Kosmo's Moon
Playful Kosmo (left) shows sis Penny his cool moves!      Kosmo the puppy with his boy Kai!
Kosmo (middle) enjoys a game of chase with sisters Penny (left) and Sassy (right), November 2009
Kosmo the puppy demonstrates his aptitude for agility!       Kosmo with the team, his first time in harness!

"Nora" - Winterstarz Eleanora's Brilliance
    Nora with her owner Wayne, chilling in the backyard      Nora says Look what I found buried in the snow!  At WinterStar Farm, February 2009
Regal Nora       Nora poses to show off her long legs! 
Photogenic Nora!        Nora's first time in harness, teamed with her mom Aurie, November 2009

Born on WinterStar Farm January 1, 2009, Nora stood out from the pack both due to her dark coloring in a litter of mostly sable puppies, and for her extreme friendliness and desire to interact with people from the time she was a small puppy.  Nora currently lives in Minnesota with her owners Lynne and Wayne. 

Lynne says "I hardly know where to begin in telling what a good dog she is.  As you know, we are raising her as a pet and all-round companion.  She is excelling at her job.  She takes Wayne on twice daily walks, and she goes to the off-leash dog park a few days each week where she has lots of friends.  She has gained the reputation at the park as the "official greeter" and has been known to climb into the laps of complete strangers!  She is completely oblivious to her size, which is around 80 pounds at this point, and is very affectionate.  Thankfully, she is respectful of the older dogs, loves little dogs and knows how to grovel appropriately when she meets people."

Lynne was pleased that Nora had some exposure to the sights and sounds of horses while here on WinterStar Farm, as she wanted to be able to safely take Nora to the barn where she rides.  Nora's socialization to the world of horses has proceeded well; Lynne reports that Nora often goes to the barn and "she loves to watch me ride.  She is well-behaved around the horses and easily accepts other farm dogs (but the barn cat is another story!)"  Actually Nora had alot of contact with the WinterStar Farm barn cats as a puppy and did fine - but our cats were raised around Malamutes and that makes a big difference!

Lynne shares these fun "tails" of life with Nora:  "She is a great companion.  But the story wouldn't be complete without mentioning her striking features.  Her coat is absolutely beautiful - black-tipped with gray underneath.  She has a beautiful mask and an absolutely gorgeous tail.  She literally stopped traffic a few weeks ago when we were on a walk.  And last week I watched a woman run over the trash can in her driveway because she was staring at us -- then she jumped out of her car to pet Nora. Of course, Nora repaid the woman with plenty of wagging." 

Our best regards to Nora, Lynne and Wayne - please keep the stories coming, and try not to cause any accidents!

  Rocket after a cart run - his first time in harness!  September 2009   Rocket (middle) playing with his sisters Sassy (left) and Penny

      Rocket (right) and Penny at play in the horse pasture, 2009   Rocket - one cuddly smart puppy!

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